Computer Centers

There are two computer centers specially designed as per as the need of the students. School offers computer science for students of Std I –VIII, Computer Applications for students of Std IX & X, and Computer Science (Engineering based) for Std XI & XII.

Science Laboratories

Well furnished laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental & Geography) built to accommodate sixty students performing practical at a time with their individual apparatus. Each lab has a fire-fighter equipments and safety aids. Students are required to wear apron coat (lab-coat) for each practical.


There are two libraries: One for Elementary classes Std I –V, and other for the high & higher secondary classes. Well spacious and good number of volumes of books and reading material is stacked for students use.

Media Center

The Media Centre has capacity to accommodate ninety pupils at a time for special assignments such as: guest lecture, video show, interaction, performing art, group project etc. The centre has the facility to telecast all Programmes to all the classrooms under consideration.

Play House

Play house is a new concept. The play house is designed to place all types of play equipments for students in the kindergarten. Drill and Games periods are used in this house. The class is brought to this house once in a day for play.

Drinking Water

Safe drinking water (aqua guard) is supplied to each and every tap (24 in number) for drinking purpose.


Well ventilated, spacious, well-lit classrooms with four fans are provided for forty students in each class. Whiteboard, bulletin board, cupboard and dustbins are fixed for best of the use.


The school campus is walled, having three gates -fully secured: Top security is deployed round the clock. Students are asked remain inside the campus if their parents are late to pick them up. Security shall keep them under watch in such situation.

Fire Fighting System

It is a fifth storey building with three exit staircases fitted with fire fighting hoses (two) in each floor for emergency. Fire alarm and warning system is also installed on each floor. The safety drill is practiced every morning as students go to their respective classes and also when they exit at the end of the day.


Separate toilets and urinals are built on each floor for boys and girls with adequate supplies to meet all necessary hygienic standards and cleanliness. Water is supplied round the clock. Number of janitorial workers are employed for the maintenance of the same.

First Aid

First aid is an integral part of safety norm of any good standard school. The School has an ambulance, dispensary, regular nurse and related facilities to take care of any emergency to shift to any hospital in ten minutes time.


The School runs a canteen to provide fresh Tiffin items during the recess only. Tiffin items are prepared and baked in the school confectionery. Students are free to bring their own tiffin from home if they wish to do so.


Students above Std VI are allowed to come to school on bicycle, parking space is provided to each student. A two-wheeler is allowed for higher classes, and needs to pay for parking. Students below Std V may come in the school bus/transport or parents have to make their own arrangements.

Sports and Games

The School encourages sports of all kinds. The School does not provide coaching to train to make student a sport star but provides all related equipments for playing as only hobby or recreation. The School has cricket, football, basketball grounds also badminton courts.


A limited number of students of the Higher Secondary School may be admitted to the hostels operated by the institution.

The school hostels are established and operated for the use of the students of the institution. Students whose homes are in the vicinity of the school and therefore can conveniently come to school daily from home may stay at home and be day scholars. All others are expected to reside in the hostel. Those who have immediate relatives in the vicinity of the school may be granted permission to stay with them, by the Principal upon written request from the guardian, the student and the relative with whom the student desires to stay. However, the school reserves the right to ask any student to be in the hostel if it is found that the student would benefit thereby.

When a student ceases to be a student, he is expected to vacate the hostel promptly. During the summer vacation, if for any reason, a student has to remain in the hostel, he must obtain special permission for the same and also agree to continue to observe all school rules and regulations. Such students must have an approved program of study and/or work during the vacation.

Outsiders are not permitted to stay in the hostel. Relatives of students may be permitted to stay up to two days with specific permission of the respective hostel dean and as per conditions laid down by the hostel rules and regulations. Any student keeping an outsider in the hostel without proper permission makes him/her liable to serious disciplinary action. Students whose homes are not in the campus are not to stay with any staff or married students who have quarters on the campus; If found staying, he/she will be asked to discontinue his/her studies and withdraw from the school.


The School Cafeteria is operated for the students and outsiders are not expected to use it without obtaining permission from the Cafeteria Manager. All those who use the cafeteria must conform to its rules and regulations.

Health Service

The school operates a regular dispensary with a trained nurse in attendance. An infirmary is open to students where qualified doctors are in attendance as needed. In case of serious illness, provision can be made for the hospital care of students at nearby nursing homes or the government general hospital where complete medical and surgical facilities are available. The parents must meet the expenses.

Study Hall

All students staying in the hostel are to attend the evening study hall regularly. Should it be necessary for a student to be absent from the study hall for legitimate reason, permission must be obtained from the respective dean. Excuse for absence, not arranged for in advance, must be submitted to the hostel dean concerned within two days of absence.
Unexcused absence makes the student liable to a fine of Rs. 2.00 per absence. Habitual absence without proper excuse will necessitate further disciplinary action. Discipline and silence must be maintained in the study hall.

Student Mail

All student mail is carefully handled through the dean’s office in the respective dormitories. Under exceptional circumstances and when deemed necessary, in the interest of the student and good name of the institution, the administration automatically grants the right to the management to check suspected mail.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities are organized under faculty supervision with student leaders and members of the staff and are regulated by the Administration like the Path Finder Club, Literary and Drama Clubs, High School Choir, High School Social Club, all kinds of organized games/sports and Musical groups etc.